So Long

December 30, 2019

Dear Cycling Family,

Over the past two months the Foxy Moxy Racing Board of Directors has been discussing the current and future status of our team. After a meeting earlier this month it was unanimously voted by board members to dissolve the team and related 501(c)(3) organization.

Nothing lasts forever, especially in the sport of cycling. Teams break-up, sponsors change, or riders move on; it is the cycle of constant change in our sport. This is how ideas develop and new teams grow and blossom. What Foxy Moxy achieved in three years remains impressive for a small, grassroots team with zero corporate funding and no high-profile professional athletes and will have a lasting impact.

During the past three years of riding and racing, Foxy Moxy was part of the “Best New Club” award from USA Cycling, had members featured in numerous global print and online media, had by far the best looking team kits, served as a beacon of hope for those like us in the sport, and most importantly, helped to advance the cause of radical inclusion for trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming athletes in the sport of cycling.

It is in this last area that Foxy Moxy had notable impact, particularly in the United States. By vocally advocating for the rights of those to compete, and backing that voice up through participation in events, racing, and our local riding communities, we heightened awareness and brought positive attention to the team’s mission. Although there are those still peddling their hate speech and outmoded ideas about trans athletes, there is much more support within the cycling community for inclusion now than before our team hit the road and trails.

We could not have accomplished this without the support from many in our community and on our team. We first need to thank our parent club Danger Diamond for helping to provide the structure, guidance, and support to launch and promote the team.

Thank you also to our team sponsors for their product support of team riders. These sponsors include Podiumwear, Pedro’s, Feedback Sports, LAZER HELMETS, Thule, Mad Alchemy, Inc., SDR Clothing Co, Skratch Labs, and Conduit Coffee. Many of them were there from day one and have remained with us through the ups and downs that is the sport of cycling.

The Board also thanks those who have directly or indirectly contributed funds to help support Foxy Moxy Racing riders. These funds helped to purchase race licenses and kits for team riders, particularly those who were of financial need. Per the request of sponsors, remaining funds from the team are being donated to a trans athlete to help them achieve their racing goals and dreams.

On a final note, the Board especially thanks all of the people who have raced, ridden, or otherwise supported Foxy Moxy Racing. The team mission has always been on our minds when we got on the bike, be it for a ride on the trails or pinning up a number to race. Our team members each gave a very personal face to our team and to the advancement of our rights as trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming athletes. This was impactful and uplifting to the sport of cycling and will have meaning far beyond these short three years of Foxy Moxy’s existence.



Foxy Moxy Racing
Board of Directors