Connor Rose Delisle

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Brooklyn, NY
Track, Mountain

Goals for 2017 Season:

Accomplish some things on a bike that I’ve never done before: race on a track, finish Dirt Kanza 200, and earn a bolo at Rebecca’s Private Idaho. For starters.

Why do you race? What gets you excited about it?

I’ve had bikes in my life longer than anything or anyone else. Why not ride them faster and more often? As an old punk patch once said, “My bike takes me places that school never could.”

Why are you excited to be on Foxy Moxy?

Because I finally have a place in cycling where I don’t have to fight to belong. I get to be an unabashedly queer trans cyclist riding bikes & having fun with teammates who share in or support that journey.

Is there anything else you want to say?

So stoked!!!