Lydia Deese

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Seattle, WA

Goals for 2017 Season:

To grow my cycling skillset and increase WTFGnc participation in racing.

Why do you race? What gets you excited about it?

The exhilaration of competition and the passion to ride fast has led me down several paths in the past. Back home in Florida, I maintained and raced a Firebird on the dragstrip and daily drove a Ranchero. After moving to Seattle, I was driven to get back into racing and the bike has taken over my life and my heart.

Why are you excited to be on Foxy Moxy?

I was so stoked when I first saw details, an inclusive team promoting radical inclusivity in sports. All folks have a right to compete, and exclusive practices have alienated folks who would otherwise love to. To see a team openly calling out for change and inviting all folks to join them, I could not pass up this opportunity.