Dr. Rachel McKinnon

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Charleston, SC
Road (road, criterium, time trial)

Racing Accomplishments:

2017 Tour of the Southern Highlands, Stage 2 P12: 1st
2016 Crossroads Classic, Stages 1, 2, 3, 4 P123: 1st
2016 Crossroads Classic, GC and Sprint Competition: 1st
2016 Georgia Cycling Gran Prix, Stages 2, 3, and 6 P123: 1st
2016 Georgia Cycling Gran Prix, GC P123: 2nd
2016 SC State Criterium Championship, P12: 1st
2016 SC State Road Race Championship, P12: 1st
2016 Sweetwater IPA Johnson City Criterium, P12: 1st
2016 USA Crits Speed Week #3: Michelin Test Track, P12: 3rd
2016 Dilworth Criterium, Open: 1st
2016 Sunshine Grand Prix, Stage 2 P12: 1st
2016 Sunshine Grand Prix, GC P12: 2nd

Goals for 2017 Season:

My primary goal is to podium the Canadian Elite Road Race Nationals. I’m also focusing on winning a stage at the Tour of the Southern Highlands (already accomplished, woo!), winning stages at the Sunshine Grand Prix, podiums at USA Crits Speed Week, a podium in a stage at the North Star Grand Prix stage race, wins at the Intelligentsia Cup, defending my wins at the Crossroads Classic, and a podium at the Gateway Cup. So many goals this season!

Why do you race? What gets you excited about it?

“I’m a lifelong athlete with a background in elite badminton (yes this is a thing outside the USA!). When I moved to Charleston, SC, I needed a new sport because there wasn’t any elite badminton to be found. I started with spin classes just over two years ago, and within a couple months I had a road bike. It turns out that cycling is the perfect sport to me. I think I found my athletic calling.

I love the dedication every day takes in training, and building my life around my training and racing schedule. I enjoy the discipline it takes. I also love being in a race, thinking about tactics, forming a plan, and then executing. I just love the strategy elements of bike racing: it’s chess on wheels in lycra, going around 90 degree corners at 30+mph! I love the feeling of a beautiful line while railing a corner, moving up in a pack. And I really do love winning, especially races I care a lot about. ”

Why are you excited to be on Foxy Moxy?

I firmly believe, along with the Olympic Charter, that participation in sport is a human right. And that right has long been denied to trans and gender non-conforming people. I think that we’re on the precipice of a sea change: trans rights are ready to take a leap forward, and I want to contribute however I can to that. I think that there’s an excitement to see trans rights, including sport participation, advance. Big things are happening. I’m hoping that our team can tap into that.

I see Foxy Moxy as a positive force for trans and GNC visibility, and the fight for radically inclusive sport. I love the values of the team, where we embrace the features of the fox: Foxes are fast, intelligent, cunning, and strategic. Foxes are social, friendly, playful, but fierce. Foxes are also impossibly cute. Foxy Moxy embraces and embodies all of these qualities. After all, #thefutureisfoxy