Who We Are

We are Foxy Moxy, a cycling club and racing team focused on promoting trans- and gender non-conforming inclusive sport, through positive and unapologetic visibility in competitive and recreational cycling.  We embrace and embody the spirit of foxes: intelligent, strategic, social, fast, and fierce.

We promote radical inclusivity in competitive sport for people of all gender identities and expressions. We aim to do this by focusing on developing an elite women/trans/femme (WTF) road, criterium and time trial race team, and a broader development/club level team. We will focus on a variety of levels of racing, but place a particular emphasis on multi-day criterium race series (such as USA Crits Speed Week, Tour of America’s Dairyland, and Intelligentsia Cup) and Pro Road Tour stage races (such as North Star Grand Prix, and Cascade Classic). Crucially, we welcome all riders and all cycling disciplines. We particularly welcome cisgender allies and other woodland creatures to ride and race alongside us as part of the team. We think that progress will be made when we find effective ways to work together towards our shared goals of inclusive sport.

Our project involves promoting acceptance of trans- and gender non-conforming athletes in cycling. We will carefully choose sponsors and team members based on their commitment to help us in promoting inclusive sport. We note that the political climate of the past few years has seen impressive gains in trans- and gender non-conforming rights, including in sport. And we think that the time is right to build on this momentum to make even larger gains. We sense excitement in the air about wanting to support inclusive sport, and we want to provide an outlet for that enthusiasm.

In addition to seeking gains in inclusive competitive sport, we also seek to provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for all riders. We understand that issues such as financial hardship are particularly prevalent in trans- and gender non-conforming populations, particularly for our siblings of color. Consequently, we commit to never requiring a membership fee, and will seek funding to subsidize participation for those who need it. When we say that we care about radical inclusion in sport, we mean it.